Harden is proud to appoint Barkun Consulting to lead its Digital Transformation

August 17, 2022

Team Harden

Barkun Consulting and Harden today announced a partnership to drive accelerated digital transformation and operating efficiency across Harden’s business. This will allow Harden to adopt and implement technology targeted at improving operating processes and supporting its daily activities and growth targets.

“We are pleased to have appointed Barkun Consulting to lead our Digital Transformation and look forward to implementing efficient practices and technologies across our various platforms to better support the scaling of our business activities,” said Chris & Tyler Harden, Co-CEO’s of Harden.

“This transformation says a lot about Tyler and Chris’s commitment to being the best at what they do. The work we are doing together will give their people the best tools available so they can excel in their work. I am very excited to be a part of it,” said Jeff Barkun, President of Barkun Consulting.

Harden and Barkun Consulting have commenced their collaboration and the project, including its implementation process, is expected to be completed in 2023.

About Barkun Consulting

To learn more about Barkun Consulting, please visit www.barkunconsulting.com.

About Harden

Established in 1985, Harden is a second generation, family-owned real estate company whose primary focus is owning and operating commercial, residential, and industrial properties in many communities throughout the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. Being vertically integrated enables Harden to specialize in all facets of the real estate development process, including, development, construction, leasing, and property management. To learn more about Harden, please visit www.harden.ca.

Contact Information:

Barkun Consulting, Jeffrey Barkun / jeff@barkunconsulting.com (438) 832-1512

Harden, Tyler Harden, co-CEO / tyler@harden.ca / (450) 424-1101