Holistically designed projects conceived with people and experience in mind. Since 1985.

Harden leverages the full scope of its expertise in real estate development, construction, leasing and property management to unlock the maximum social, environmental and economic value of each project.

We are driven by a passion for creating inspiring environments that build connections between spaces and people. Between premises and merchants, businesses and customers, families and neighbourhoods, and between services and communities.

Whether we’re dealing with shops, restaurants, offices, apartments, green areas or even industrial spaces, we conceive our developments as a whole and design them to reflect how people truly live.

Easy transportation access, convenient local services, lush green spaces and thoughtful touches make this a gathering zone for all, a place where everyone can work, play, relax, dine and enjoy life.

Our foundation:
our values

  • A caring company

    At Harden, we treat people like family and well-being is key to everything we do. For us, that means creating caring environments that enhance the quality of life for our employees, partners, tenants and communities.

  • Integrity

    Our word is our bond. When we commit, we commit 100% and our clients can be sure that we will put our heart and soul into making their vision become reality.

  • Ambition

    One of our most profound beliefs is that ambition drives transformation. This is what motivates us to want to do better, and be better, every day. Being part of Harden means creating a better tomorrow for all, using the power of imagination and positive transformation.

  • Community spirit

    Bringing people together, helping and giving. These three concepts embody the community spirit that is one of the pillars of our wide range of ventures. This value acts as a vector for gatherings and diversity, and also helps to drive our own commitment to a better world. We have always been involved with our communities, to generate current and future tangible change.

Catalysts of progress, transformation, and innovation.
From generation to generation.

  • 1949

    A family legacy begins

    William Harden Senior and Juliette Harden establish Harden’s Jewelers, the cornerstone for the Harden family's entrepreneurial legacy.

  • 1975

    A family tradition of innovation continues to grow

    William Harden Junior (Bill) joins the family business and establishes the Maison d'Or jewellery store in Hawkesbury, Ontario. He spearheads business expansion in Ontario and Quebec, growing the family company from one to seven stores in just 10 years. 20 years later, the jewellery business continues to thrive.

  • 1985

    First forays into real estate

    Building on the success of his jewellery business, Bill Harden pursues his passion for commercial real estate development. In 1985, he founds the Harden Company with a mission to create and revitalize tenant-focussed commercial space.

  • 2006-2008

    Real estate development designed for people

    Bill's son, Chris, joins the family business in 2006 and son Tyler follows in 2008. Since then, the Harden business expands into various real estate sectors.

  • 2019

    Developing diversification

    Harden continues to prosper and grows its real estate portfolio. Since 2009, accelerated pace of construction and commercial property acquisition makes the company a true catalyst for change in the real estate market. In 2019, Harden further diversifies adding several residential and industrial projects to its portfolio.

  • 2022

    The next generation

    In 2022, Chris and Tyler become co-CEOs of the company that their father, Bill, so successfully founded. Harden continues to grow in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors, acquiring and revitalizing a wide range of living spaces.

A great team. A big family.


Our team of real estate experts and next generation management share a passion for helping our partners and tenants thrive and prosper. Our dedicated team guides every step of a project with professionalism, compassion and courtesy. Because when all is said and done, your success is our success.

Ambitious projects for all walks of life

Developing spaces today.
For the communities of tomorrow.

Social impact

Building is about so much more than just bricks and mortar. It's about growing and developing together as a compassionate community, one where everyone feels valued. And we don’t just build communities, we reach out to the greater community, getting involved, giving and investing our time in foundations that share our values. Together, we can offer future generations a tomorrow that holds all the promise of today.

Environmental impact

We believe that creating durable spaces is the key to responsible real estate development. We’re dedicated to creating spaces that are respectful of their surroundings where everyone can live, work, and play in comfort, today and tomorrow. We strive to develop projects that will evolve and endure, ensuring that the Harden legacy of living well continues for decades to come.