Integrated expertise, a unified vision.

We want you to feel that every detail has been thought of and designed for you to thrive in a dynamic environment where people come together to live, work and play. For this very reason, we have developed a talented and dedicated team of professionals who leave nothing to chance. They are catalysts of transformation with a mission to bring their expertise and devotion to support you each step of the way, from initial plans to opening day and beyond.


Every project begins with a clear, comprehensive vision. Our team of strategists and urban planners work to create vibrant and harmonious environments. With careful attention to the needs of the communities in each space, our team works to create a sustainable, positive and responsible legacy. To realize this vision, we work closely with city planners to meticulously create a master plan of the project and ensure that we meet all stakeholders’ expectations along the way.

  • Extensive knowledge of various markets and their business needs

  • Project development with a focus on sustainable development

  • Refined design and architecture that creates inviting, harmonious spaces

  • Dedication to the project and respect for deadlines


One of our greatest strengths is that each project benefits from the talents of a dedicated construction team. They thoughtfully design and develop environmentally respectful, sustainable infrastructures to meet the highest quality standards — in the shortest possible time frame. But our dedicated team doesn’t stop there. They can also customize your space right down to the final touches so that it reflects the way you want to live and work.

  • High-quality construction

  • Dedicated proprietary team

  • On-time delivery

  • Turnkey spaces


Our leasing team is at the heart of every community Harden develops. With their extensive knowledge of various markets and their impressive network of contacts, our professionals build relationships for your benefit. We are always attuned to your reality and your needs so we can find the right space for you, find your future neighbours and negotiate ideal leasing agreements. In short, we spare no effort to ensure that you find a place where you can prosper, grow and evolve day after day.

  • Extensive knowledge of commercial and residential markets

  • Mutually beneficial agreements

  • Understanding, accessible support

  • Keen awareness of each tenant’s needs, whether they are a local business, chain store, medical, residential or industrial clients

Property management

We want you to feel at home in our communities. That’s why our relationship and management experts are here to support you each day throughout your collaboration with us. We'll answer your questions, be your liaison and even oversee development changes if needed. Outstanding management is the very foundation of every enduring project. That’s why we strive to create added value through quality facilities, dedicated support, and well-managed assets. We strive to enhance our clients’ experience.

  • Careful maintenance of spaces to maintain value of buildings

  • Dedicated, accessible team ready to go to work and exceed your expectations

Do you have a project in mind? Consult one of our experts.

Our team is always available and ready to listen. Contact us and see how our vertically integrated services and dedicated team of professionals can work with you to turn your vision into a reality.